Bridging Italy to Scalable Markets

Dear participants,

The event has been officially cancelled.

I confirm that the reason is there is NO BUSINESS in Milan and in the Region Lombardia after 104 days of lockdown called last 8th March 2020. It means we just passed 3 months and 14 days.

The event did not find a Sponsor Client and neither a Local Business Partner which could support the logistic of the event hosting at least the organizer in their office.

Therefore there is NO BUSINESS in Italy after 90 days of lockdown and more than 1 month from reopenings of commercial activities of last 18th May 2020.

Because if there is NO BUSINESS in Milan and Lombardia that are the heart of Italian Economy in which Hephaestus Venture srl is based and registred there cannot be BUSINESS in the other Regions of Italy.

It's impossible therefore that an event has neither an Italian logistic Partner from which to connect to Internet.

The event is not scheduled to give UNEMPLOYMENT to anyone.

Because Hephaestus Venture srl cannot fund and nor invest if we haven't been paid, as simple as that.

Hephaestus Venture srl is a Partner of Italian Companies therefore we cannot be the Client.


Antonino Saccà

General Partner & former CEO and Founder of Hephaestus Venture srl